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What ages can compete in the pageant?

The Princess Pageants are held twice a year (Feb & Aug) and are for naturally born females aged 1- 18 yrs The Adult Pageant is once a year (Aug) for women of any age in the follownig divisions MS 19-29 WOMAN 30-39 LADY 41 & up MRS 25 & up SOPHISTICATE 18 & UP and wear a size 16W & up INTERNATIONAL 25 & UP - women can be married, snigle, or divorced

What are the areas of competition?

PRINCESS - Fashion Outfit of Choice (pink or purple) - Evening Gown (floor length) - On- Stage Question QUEEN - Interview - High Fashion - Evening Gown - On-Stage Question Both categories also have a People's Choice Competition and an Opening Number,

What is included in my fees?

Your fees are for entry to the event, training, prizes, and awards. All contestants recieve a full color program book, catered lunch, pool party access, reception, and 1 free ticket for a guest. All participants are recognized and promoted on social media and fees also assist with National particpation.

Who judges the pageant?

Judges are a panel of 3 to 5 men and women from diverse backgrounds. They typically have proven influence or busineses in the community, come from the industry, or may be present and/or former title holders from any pageant system. Judges are also selected if they have little to no former connection to any contestant.


What is the prize package?

All princess contestants win: - 4 in crown - Satin Sash - Trophy - Certificate - Jewelry Set - Bath and Body Products - Parade float feature (in Las Vegas) - Photo Shoot -Magazine Publication -Tickets to Various Attractions - Customized Pillowcase * Ongoing Coaching for Nationals Invitation in Chicago, IL Prizes are contigent upon Princess winner making 10 apperances within a year. Prizes are split between day of compeition and day of crowning your succesor.



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