About the Pageant 

Passing the Crown

I am your director, Jennece Black-Harris. I am a mother, educator, political advocate, author, and church leader. I own the company, BlackQueen productions as well as direct a preschool within my local YMCA, I have been in pageantry for over 15 years and have held a variety of titles. Currently, I am your Ms. Royal American Elegance for 2018-2023! This 5 year Anniversary title was granted to me at the American Elegance 20th Anniversary Pageant. 

Our system is one that is supportive, inclusive, and completely natural for the pageant veteran or for the pageant first timer. Coming from a variety of pageant experiences, I crafted this regional competition to cater to a great National step stone and a beautiful sisterhood.

What you will find is

- Low Entry Fees

- Payment Plans

- Training Workshops Included

- Appearance Support

- Continuous Support Past Pageant Day!

You are more than a contestant number and pretty face. My team and I are here to show you a pageant stage can help you discover  and exert your self- esteem, beauty, community awareness topics, and intellect. This is for everyone! We have had girls and women from all backgrounds and we all come together in celebration. I am pleased as always to pass the crown to YOU!

Meet Our Team

TIffany Hunter

Administrative Assistant

Questions, Application, Vendor and Sponsorship Information


Gigi Wynn

Host 2019

Women's Inspiring Bruncheon Developer, Educator, Artist and Inspiring Trees of Hope Designer


State Directors

Motise Jones: National Owner

All American Elegance directors are former title holders. All states, territories, and regions are represented at Nationals!



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